Above: An Irish dancer... not me though.

My name is Sarah and this is my rant site! You've probably figured that out though...

I love Gilmore Girls, Irish dancing, and, as you've also probably guessed, llamas. I also really like journalism class. This is my website that was started in eighth grade. It's grown so big now that I had to move it onto another Tripod server... although my friends at Geocities tell me that Geocities is quite nice. I don't think I ever want to move again, though!

This is me at my high school's jazz band, performing with our school's choir. The choir is singing "With One Voice" as I accompany them. Don't you like my jazz uniform? The guy with the trombone is Thom. Behind Thom is Jason, a trumpet player. Next to him, on the trumpet, is Adam. Sitting behind me is Meghan, a saxophone player. The guy with his back to you is my band director, Mr. Rice.

Hobbies... Enough already! Get out of here!
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